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C. elegans

Wormbase C. elegans WWW Server CGC
C. elegans protocols
Caenorhabditis Genome projects, Sanger
C. elegans blast @ Sanger
C. briggsae blast @ Sanger
C. elegans Ensembl
C. elegans genome center, Was. Univ.
C. elegans, remani blast @ WUSTL
C. briggsae blast @ WUSTL
C. briggsae Ensembl
NEXTDB, Kohara, Japan
C. elegans ORFeome
Codes for cosmid vectors in Acedb/wormbase 1, local
Worm Community Forum

Large Database Sites

  • EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute), UK, Genbank, EMBL Databases, Online searches, software.
  • EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany.
  • SRS database search at EBI.
  • SMART domain server
  • NCBI (National Center of Biotechnology Information), NIH, Entrez, Online Blast, OMIM, databases, Online searches, software.
  • ExPASy Molecular Biology Server, Geneva, Swissprot etc.
  • The Johns Hopkins University BioInformatics Web Server.
  • ORNL, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Genome Sequencing Center Home Page, Washington University - Merck, St. Louis.
  • The Institute of Genomic Research (TIGR), Arabidopsis, bacterial genomes; human cDNAs can only be searched with access code.
  • Stanford Genomic Resources, yeast and Arabidopsis.
  • Codon usage tables for 1000's of species.
  •, scientific search engine.
  • Other Biology Sites

  • Swiss Embnet Node at ISREC
  • Homeobox Page
  • Biology resources at Harvard
  • Thomas Gutjahr's Links
  • Companies/Vendors/Suppliers Info

  • Companies/vendors page.
  • FEDEX shipment tracking.
  • DHL package tracking.
  • Biosupplynet, on-line directory for biomedical research products and services, company listings
  • Other Links, Language

  • Webster Dictionary online, for searching.
  • Swedish-English dictionary, KTH
  • Swedish-English dictionary
  • The Antibody Resource Page.
  •  Faxing through SUNET
  • SciWeb, Job annoucements, and other useful links.
  • USGEB.
  • Travelinfo

    Scandinavian Airlines Ryanair Easyjet Swiss
    Virgin Atlantic KLM Lufthansa Blue1
    British Airways
    Swedish railroad, schedules Stockholm local bus/subway Deutsche Bahn, The Railserver SBB
    Olsen & Associates currency converter Graphical chart

  • Subway Navigator, maps of subways around the world.

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