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Online journals subscribed at the Karolinska Institute library.

Cell    32.4
Development    9.3
Developmental Biology    5.5
Developmental Dynamics    3.1
Development, Genes and Evolution    2.9
Genes and Development    19.6
Genesis (formerly Developmental Genetics)    3.2
Genome Research    7.6
International Journal of Developmental Biology    1.9
Mechanisms of Development    4.1
Molecular Cell    18.2
Molecular Biology of the Cell    8.5
Nature    25.8
Nature Biotechnology
Nature Cell Biology
Nature Genetics    30.9
Nature Neuroscience    12.6
Neuron    15.0
PNAS    10.8
Science    23.9
The Journal of Neuroscience    8.5

Annual Reviews of Cell and Developmental Biology
Nature Reviews Genetcis
Nature Reviews Neuroscience
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
Trends in Neuroscience    17.4
Trends in Genetics
Trends in Cell Biology

Bioinformatics    3.4
Gene    2.5
J. of Microscopy    1.2
Nucleic Acids Research    5.3
Journal of Molecular Evolution    4.0
Molecular Biology and Evolution    5.3
International Journal of Parasitology    2.5
Developmental Neuroscience    2.5
European Journal of Neuroscience    3.9
Journal of Neuroscience Research    3.2
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience    5.7
Neuroscience    3.6


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