Software sources

Software archive mirror Info-Mac Software archive, MIT with Hypersearch.
Tucows Mac archive. The U-M Software Archives.
Version Tracker, lists recent MacOS software updates. Mac Os X Software, Applications etc.

Mozilla Web browser, i.e. Firefox
Dantz, Retrospect backup software
Schubertit, PDF Browser Plugin, Word Plugin !!!!
TNTmips, free Macintosh X-Window server. Eudora, email
Fetch FTP, free for academics !!!
RBrowser, RBrowser Lite, FTP client, lite free !!!
Fugu SFTP, free !!!
Cyberduck, SFTP, FTP client, OpenSource !!
SubRosa Software, free FTPDroplet, other utilities Econ Technologies, Chronosync ... !!
Evological, EvoCam...
Sassy Software (Better Telnet, Finder Option
Mek & Tosj software,  EnzymeX, Labmanager !!!!
Dan Schimpf software, MacJournal (Notepad)!!!!, TimeCard
Sbook5, address book utility, free BareBones Software, TextWrangler
4D (4th Dimension) relational database, free for academics
emacs , WikiEmacs, mindlube emacs (drag and drop)

Utilities software
MBS Software, Tinkertools...  !!!!
Bombich tips and utilities, Carbon Copy cloner...
Brian Hill utilities, launcher, sniffer...  !!
Daniele's site, Docklauncher (Free) ... !
HornWare, SharePoints...  !!!!
Devon Technologies, Xmenu and other free utilities   !!!!
CronniX, Os X Cron utility, free Mac::Sweeper, simple system optimization, free
St. Clair' Software, Default Folder... Keyboard Mastro macro/switcher
RadMind administration tool for multiple macs
Ambrosia Software, SnapxPro, iSeek
Aladdin Systems, Stuffit expander, Dragstrip, ... Unsanity software, Fruitemenu, Xwindowshade...
Proteron Utilities, LightSwitch, MaxMenus ... Free Range Mac, TransparentDock, ...
Objective Development, Launchbar ... Xupport (system configuration)...
DragThing Youpi Key, iKey, CopyPaste...
Frank Vercruesse, ASM... (application switcher menu), aliasmenu X, ...
Sig Software, Drop Drawers... Mac Unicorn Software, Turbo Mem, Turbo Internet, free
CodeTek Studios, Virtual Desktop, DockExtender... Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity, Skin a Dock, ...
Utilities from the Missing Manuals series Coriolis Technologie, WakeUp, free network utility
ParkNation, Quickname, renaming utility, free Peter Li and friends, X-Assist, free !!!!  (has auto-Windows hiding)
Monkeyfood, More Internet, to set internet helper apps, free
Rubicode,  RCDefaultApp, to set internet helpers, free
Fabien's PDFlab, Cocoabooklet and Smallimage. PDF combine utility!!
Monkeybread Software, CombinePDFs, and other utilities.
ebrary reader plugin
Cornerclick software ! click on corner utility
Findersync  (updates the finder, can be useful) !
Powersurge Pub., PSRenamer (free, rename files), other stuff
Peter Maurer, Butler, Witch filelaunching, switching utilities
Christopher Drum, FileWrangler batch file renaming
Gaucho Software, XRG system monitor, Dash monitors


Lemkesoft, Graphic Converter !! NIH Image
Blender 3D, open source 3D modelling program for unix
Alias, Maya, 3D modelling, Maya Personal Learning Edition free
BRL-CAD, 3D modelling, free
DigitalScores, 3DMatrix,  free light edition
POV-Ray ray-tracing for Mac Os
ImageJ, the Java based NIH Image replacement
ToyViewer, Graphic file viewer, converter, and other utilities

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